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Video Production Services

Victor started in video back in 1987 using both SVHS and Betacam cameras and equipment. He has decades of experience as a videographer, an editor, and as a photographer. He loves meeting new people and getting to help them tell their stories. He is interested in capturing your interests and passions and is comfortable with numerous types and styles of videos at different levels of difficulty, and takes pride in creating the best possible video he can.

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We are looking for several new models that we haven't worked with before to produce some original and creative video portraits for our mutual portfolios, and on a TF basis if possible. These will be mostly natural light / environmental shoots at locations around Raleigh, but with a small studio/living room interview section too. We are open to any and all models, both female & male and all sizes, shapes, ages, and ethnicities. We have a few basic ideas for these videos but are willing to work with any ideas that participating models may have too.
Let us know if you are interested or have any questions.